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About the Brand

The Story behind the logo

1- The infinity sign drawn using the Zen brush strokes to refer to the infinite Energy, but not any energy "Zenfinite Energy", which means Zen energy that is infinite.

Again infinity sign, refers that there are infinite times to change your life and the way you live. The strokes starts dark and then fades into the white, and this is a reference to the word Guru.

2- "Guru", which means the spiritual teacher or guide, who takes us from darkness to light.

3- "Manx", refers to the Man, as HUMAN without any labels,  to mention few, gender, social status, religion, colour, shape, race or sexual orientation ... X is the unknown factor that makes everyone of us unique and with special gift, and ability to go beyond limitations, through the journey of Infinite Consciousness.

4-The Triangle Shape on letter A in the word MANX, refer to the compass index, which is guidance and refer to our gifts, intuition, the inner voice, that will always give clues and hints to make the right choices and guide us to the right places.

5- "Quotation Marks" refer to the free will of Human Being, and their ability to decide and write their story, and this is a birth and universal right, the free will and free choice.

6- "The Human Body", with the infinity symbol, as wings to show, to the free will and ability to transform and grow infinitely, The body as well refer to transition of the physical body to other energetic bodies & layers.

7- The Wired Brain to refer to the ability to change mindsets, in every stage of your life or for a certain project, in order to achieve your own purpose. In addition to ability to rewrite the story of your life any time you wish.

8- Colours Concept: black and white colours were chosen to refer to the Enlightenment Journey from Darkness to light.

9- "Our motto", Infinite Consciousness, which means, that human being, are everything in this life, is in continuous and infinite process of consciousness, evolution, transformation, transition, and ability to change inside out. 

Guru Manx Brand
Guru Manx Brand
Human Skoon
Zen Skoon
Brain Rewire
Infinite Being
Guru Manx
Infinite Consciousness

Our philosophy

Guru Manx, is created to free people from a conditioned life and show them, that there is more to this life, beyond all the framing, forming and shaping that happens to us right as we start to build awareness.

Bliss and Freedom is our birth right, but some people lose hindsight, because of all the nosies and confusion in this world. They lose clarity and lose the path, and some end up stuck for a long time in the wrong places, and they think that this is the reality of life.

We believe every person is unique and  human is an ever- evolving element of nature, and has the capability to connect infinitely, in many ways and dimensions. We have the ability and the tools, to help our clients to transform, shift and shape their lives the way that resonate with their vision, mission and values, to pursue a life of their own creation, and manifestation. We will definitely limit ourselves, if we live a life based on their physical body.

Every human is treated as an entity, beyond any label, we see the layers and sheaths of who you are, we see the energy, the mind, the spirit and the body, we learn through these different dimensions, to understand the message, the universe is trying to communicate with us.

We want people to be able to live beyond limitations to be in state of bliss and living the life of purpose, understanding the values and tools to create a life where everything falls in place and make sense to their mission and vision. We are here to change all the limiting beliefs and being able to continuous evolve and grow, inside out.

We use different techniques, that has to deal with the body, mind and spirit to make the shift, from energy healing, to hypnotherapy, NPL, Meditation, Yoga, in addition to life coaching, to achieve phenomenal results to our clients. 

We follow a client focused service, we design customised and tailored programs that works exactly to each individual, as a needed . Win/Win situation and fairness are the basis of any relationship with our clients. We value transparency, honesty and real intention of helping people changing their lives. In addition to Confidentiality as one of the basic values and beliefs.

Sincerely yours,

Guru Manx

Guru Manx Brand
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